Monday, September 19, 2011


The best place to be.
No crying. No pain. No death.

The alternative is the second death. Hell.

Heaven is so wonderful. I cannot begin to describe how it is, because I've never been there before. But it is my home. I long to be there. To be with God.

Here's my take on heaven. I may be wrong, but if I am, then it is so much better then my description. Imagine: being a christian means you are a part of God's family. What is you idea of a family? (not a dysfunctional one, but a healthy one)
A family may not spend every waking hour with each other, but they are part of a unit. Unity. A family may take time out each day spending time with each other, typically a mealtime. At this time they will share stories, tell about their day, or just talk about things. Maybe afterwards they might do something together like play games, watch a movie, or read a book...
I used to imagine heaven being like an eternal church service. That would be so very boring. Church is important, I agree, but should it continue indefinitely? I don't think so! We still need the rest of the week to do our jobs.

Jobs are tiring. It's part of the idea of labor. Working by the sweat of our brow. But that is not God's original intent. Work can be so satisfying when you've accomplished a project that you're proud of. In heaven moth and rust will not destroy, and thieves will not break in and steal. So the things built in heaven will last for eternity. Things will be accomplished. Accomplishment.

The best part? You will be with people you love and God! There will always be someone to spend time with.

My grandfather passed away this past Monday. This past Friday we held the memorial service. It was a nice service. So the topic of heaven came up in my mind and I decided to write about it. I have been preceded in death by many of my family and ancestors. It is complete, but it doesn't have to be final. A second death is also necessary, but we don not have to experience it. There is another option. Jesus Christ came and took our place, so that we do not have to experience the second death: Hell.

Hell is not the place where all the bad people go to party. It is a place of torment. It is a place where there is darkness. But the one thing about Hell that makes it so terrible is the fact that you will be alone. There is no one around to talk to. It's a separation between you and God and others. Separation. You may scream and yell and make all the noise you want. No one will h-e-a-r you. You will be utterly alone. Alone.

So please, please if you do not want the eternal separation from God, turn to Him and Him alone. He will complete you. The only way to do that is by surrendering to Jesus and allowing Him to be your Savior. Only then are you finally free from the second death. Freedom.

Here's a song that just reminds Christians that there's something to look forward to. I hope it uplifts you as much as it uplifts me.