Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hey all, felt like blogging about this too.

If you do not like reading about very graphic details, please stop reading.

Crucifixion. One of the most horrific executions imaginable... It was so horrid that Rome made a law that Roman citizens could not be executed in this manner, no matter the crime. First, most criminals were whipped mercilessly. Their bodies were mangled beyond recognition. The cat-o-nine tails, fixed with pieces of metal and spikes, were designed especially to rip a person apart.
Next, being dragged to the nearest public road, you were thrown onto a cross that was likely used many times before. The splinters pricking your already open wounds... The executioners would strip you naked and drive nails in between the bones on your lower arm. If you were a male, they would sometimes drive a nail through your private parts, adding another level of extremely intense pain. Next they would drive nails through your feet between the bones. When they finally finished doing this, they raised up the cross and slid it into place, jarring you as it stopped, ripping your wounds even more. If you survived this, you could be on that cross for hours dealing with the extreme pain. In order to breathe, you would have to push up off of the nails in your feet, otherwise you would drown in your blood that was building up in your lungs... And typically if you survived all this, the executioners would eventually break the bones in you legs so you would lose your ability to stand on your nails, thus drowning you in your own blood....

This is awful! So horrific! Granted, Jesus did not have His legs broken, nor did he drown in his own blood. Rather most theologians speculate that He died of heart failure. But imagine also having a crown of thorns mashed onto you head, piercing your scalp. Yet what is far worst is the unimaginable grief that came with the betrayal of your closest friends, and bearing the weight of the sins of the world. So much so that He experienced our betrayal and hatred, even when we were not His friends.

I just figured I would share this bit of information with you. I'm sure I haven't covered all the bases on crucifixion, but I think what I described was enough to give you an idea of what it's like. It isn't Jesus with a loincloth with a thorny crown gently place on his head, with a footstool under his pierced feet so he could put his weight down, and ropes tied around his pierced arms to keep them in place. He was in a nightmare come to life. Crucifixion!

Here's a song put to a montage of the Passion of the Christ. This is somewhat graphic in nature as well...
And some consider lethal injection inhumane...